Roll Labels versus Sheet Labels: What are the differences?

We stock a wide range of different types of label. There is a label for every circumstance and it can be hard to decide which is best for your needs. Roll labels and sheet labels are amongst our most popular products but there’s still the need for many to decide which they’d prefer. There are benefits to both types of product so it’s just a matter of deciding which is best for your needs. We’ve got some information below which could make a difference to your decision.


Roll Labels

Our range of self-adhesive roll labels represent value for money and versatility. In a range of shapes and sizes they can be utilized for many purposes and we offer printed labels in both white and a selected colour.

Roll labels can be utilized with direct thermal printers but not regular inkjets so if you need printable labels it makes more sense to opt for sheets. Roll labels utilized in conjunction with the right equipment can be a quick, easy and affordable option. They’re a common choice for parcel labels, barcode labels and mailing labels.

Some professionals suggest roll labels are a more affordable alternative than the sheet version as they are more economical. The roll style means it’s much easier to select a single label and roll labels can too be affixed to specialist equipment for labelling purposes. Roll labels can be top coated, glossed or designed bespoke for your company.


Sheet Labels

Sheet labels are available in an almost infinite number of styles and sizes. They’re designed for use with laser and inkjet printers and they are a good choice if you’re printing labels for corporate advertising purposes. Designing your own labels is very easy with the purchase of plain white sheet labels.

Sheet labels are commonly used around the home as well as in business in the form of product labels. You can label everything from bottles to cosmetic tubs to CDs and DVDs. They can be used in the kitchens, offices or anywhere really.

The most popular style of labels on a sheet are rectangles and circles. Rectangles are sometimes offered with softer, rounded corners and can be used for any manner of reasons.

Printing your own labels gives you the chance to personalize a little more. From a business perspective you can include your own official logo on product labels or address labels. When you’re using them at home you can brighten up correspondence with friends and family by making their address labels a little more special. You could even let the children decorate their own labels for Christmas cards.

Choosing between the two types of label will be highly dependent on your needs. Both have their benefits and they can both be easily used in both domestic and business environments. If you need large quantities of labels then cash flow may play a role in the type you purchase but both types of labels can be adequately used in any workplace environment.