Personalised Address Label Ideas Just For Christmas

Christmas is that one time of the year when you send out more cards and parcels than any other. Christmas is a time to get creative and utilize your crafty skills and although you may have loads to do, there’s always time to do something a little bit special in the festive period. Address labels become your best friend during this period as they are so versatile and there are tons of ways you can make them work for you and make Christmas a little bit easier.


Send them out

First things first you can use address labels in their traditional way to send out all your cards and parcels. Simply stick them on and if you’re feeling festival add a little Christmas graphic or use green and red ink. If you send out an annual round robin letter then stick another label on that showing your family address so friends can get back in touch.


The Children’s Touch

If you want to personalize things a little more then get the kids to design your address labels. Let them loose with glitter, stickers and felt tips and let them design a background for the labels so you can write the addresses on top. You can guarantee it will give you recipients something extra to smile about when they get their Christmas cards through the post.


Label Gifts

Get creative with your labels and use them instead of traditional gift tags. You can colour code them or draw a different animal for each of your guests and see who can find all their gifts first. It’s great if you’ve got lots of gifts for different people and gives you a chance to unleash your creative side. Once again you can get the kids involved as they design the labels for their gifts for each other.


Label Treats

If you use Christmas as a time to get stuck in in the kitchen as many of us do then you can utilize address labels on your wares. If you make jams and preserves then design little Christmassy themed address labels to show off what ingredients are in each and with a personally designed label on each jar they look much more professional and make gifts. You can do the same with cake boxes, home-brewed drinks and much more.


Christmas Table Place Cards

If you’ve got the whole family coming over for Christmas dinner then place cards to show everyone where they’re sitting are necessary, particularly if you have a big family. Get your creative juices flowing and design original placeholders utilizing address labels for each of your guests and don’t forget the Christmassy theme. You could add a little quip personal to that person and really make everyone feel welcome and at home.

Getting everything in order for Christmas does take some time but if you utilize the tools you already have and get the most out of your creative spirit then you’ll be more than pleased with the overall result.