Looking For Personalized Address Labels for Your Valentine? Here Are Our Top 5

Valentine’s Day is an exciting celebration of love and happiness in relationships. Its history goes far beyond that and it’s celebrated now by many different people for many different reasons. Your Valentine’s Day can be made a little more personal and a little more fun with a few personalized address labels used in innovative and original ways. Below we’ve got five top ways of using personalized address labels for your Valentine.


Personalised Love Note

If you’re sending your special someone a little note professing how much you love and care then it’s the perfect time to include a personalized address label. You could scribble your little note and finish it off with your Valentine’s fashioned label. Perhaps you’ve got the artistic flair to draw a little love scene, the romantic city of Paris or simply just some love hearts. Your special someone will appreciate the extra effort and sentiment involved.


Hints to an Anonymous Interest

If you’re planning to leave an anonymous Valentine then perhaps you could use your personalized address label to leave a little hint. Perhaps you’re leaving a card on someone’s desk at work and your address label could be used as a clue to get who you are. Perhaps a silly self-portrait or a map to your desk – anything a little bit fun. If you’re feeling bold you could even simply include your address label, minus name, and see if you end up with a surprise visitor.


Profess Long Distance Love

If you’re in a long distance relationship or your lover works away then a personalised address label can once again be the added touch to show your true sentiment. Once again you can decorate it as you wish, with sweet little designs and romantic flourishes and include it on your Valentine’s card or letter as you send it out to wherever they may be.


Family Fun

Kids of all ages love getting involved with Valentine’s Day. Perhaps they want to send some anonymous notes of their own and personalize them with address labels for a little extra fun. Team the labels with glitter and a few stickers and you’ve got a whole crafting session ahead of you. Of course you’ll make sure the kids don’t write down their real addresses if they’re posting the cards around.


Homemade Mementos

An address label can also be a fabulous way of personalizing a homemade Valentine’s Day gift. Perhaps you’ve been baking or making preserves. In both instances you can affix a personalized address label to the box or jar and add in that personal touch. It takes your sweet treat from sentimental and a lovely thought to a romantic gift and the jar or box can be kept and used again, along with its special message.

Making Valentine’s Day personal and fun is easy with address labels. Their versatility makes them a crafting fans dream and gives you the opportunity to create some truly special Valentine’s memories and keepsakes.