Homemade Gift Ideas for Christmas

If you have a lot of presents to buy or many tricky people to buy for then you might be able to do things a little differently and offer something similar to everybody. Putting some personal effort into your gifts really does inspire people and you can be sure they’ll be grateful if you offer them a range of homemade specials. There are many different ideas you could try out. Some will appeal to the foodie in you whilst others will appeal to the crafter.


For Crafters

Whether you’re a seasoned hobbyist or you simply like dabbling with crafts every now and again, you can try out all these different gift ideas.

First up is a superbly scented gift that nobody could turn down. You can make someone a very simple cinnamon candle by investing in just a jar, some strong glue, tea lights and cinnamon sticks. Using the glue, you need to stick the cinnamon sticks to the outside of the jar and simply pop the tea light or candle within, as the jar heats up the sticks will release their lovely aroma.

Secondly you could try creating some fab and fashionable button jewellery. You’ll find similar things in boutiques and shops and it’s a really effective and easy gift to create. Simply pick out some of your best buttons or go shopping in the local thrift stores. Once you’ve chosen your buttons simply thread them onto a leather thong or wire and there you go, a complete piece of jewellery for buttons!

Our final offering is another fragrant one and also very traditional. If you have a grandma or elderly relatives to please then you can be sure they’ll appreciate your homemade pot pourri. Simply collect up the goods including pine cones and seeds from your local park. Pop the cones into a sandwich bag with some essential oils and they’ll soon infuse the scent. Add in some dried fruit slices such as orange or lemon and cinnamon too for a Christmassy feel.


For Foodies

If you’re more foodie then crafty then you’ll be sure to want to try out some of these specials. Some involve a little cooking whereas others are really simple but very heartfelt.

Why not consider giving a hug in a mug? Buy a special mug for your gift recipient and pack it with some lovely goodies including marshmallows, chocolates and your favourite cocoa mix (if you don’t have one then opt for a premium packet).

Secondly you could start making up cute little goodie jars. Once again, using old jam jars or Kilner jars, you can simply fill them up to your heart’s content. Sweeties for the kids, spices, peppercorns or anything you like for the adults. You can personalize each jar using address labels to write a special message to the recipient.

Our final idea is to give people the gift of home baking. Pop all the dry ingredients for your favourite cookie mix into another glass jar and use another address label to write up the instructions on the side. It should be as simple as mix together with egg and milk and then roll out into small balls for baking! You’ll soon see your favourite treat going down wonderfully with your pals.