Five Address Label Ideas That Will Make You Smile

Labelling is much more versatile these days and you can do all sorts of things with address labels to make them more fun and guarantee to make you and anyone else who receives them smile. There are many ways you can use address labels around the home and work them into everyday life.


Toys and Games

When you have more than one child chances are there are fights and squabbles over the smallest things. Invest in a drawer unit with separate plastic drawers and then get the kids to design their own address labels for their own drawers. You can clearly label which drawer belongs to which child and there’s hope the arguments will desist a little.

This is also a great way of helping children learning to read. Perhaps you can label a few items around the home and see if your child or children can work out the words you’ve written and whether they’re right or wrong. Stick the word TABLE on the chair for example and see if they notice and can find the right place to move the sticker.


Saying Thank You

This is another one for the kids. After a birthday or Christmas you can get the children to pull out the blank address labels and personalize thank you notes to all their present-givers. It’s a great way of adding something personal to your thank you and ensuring the recipient cracks a smile when they get their post.


In the Kitchen

There are many places in your kitchen that you can make fabulous use of address labels. Rather than throwing out those old plastic tubs label them for different uses. Pasta, rice and noodles can be removed from their packaging and stores in individually labelled tubs. What’s more you can use address labels to identify any product at all – stick them to jars for homemade jams and preserves and if a can or a tub in your cupboard has lost its original label create your own with an address label.


Tag your Bags

An inexpensive and quick way of ensuring all your bags and cases stand a chance of being returned to you if lost is to stick an address label, complete with your address, on the inside of the items and then if the worst were to happen there’s a higher chance you may get them back. You can affix a sticky address label to all your bags and luggage from your iPad case to your gym bag and if they do get lost maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll find their way home.


Quick Form Filler

Pre-addressed labels can save you plenty of time when filling out forms. Rather than painstakingly copying your address out by hand repeatedly – simply stick down an address label and you’re ready to get on with the rest of the form.

Address labels are versatile and when you think about it for a minute there are multiple ways you can make great use of them – not just for sending out post.