Creative Classroom Ideas for the New School Term

All the children are back at school now but chances are you’re still settling in with your new class. Decorating your classroom should be something you plan with your pupils to ensure you create an identity which works for them. This doesn’t mean you can’t get some things set up in advance and you can be sure your pupils will appreciate a few little touches to help them feel at home.


Label It

Your new pupils are going to feel apprehensive in their new classroom so it’s time to get labelling. As soon as you get your register and pupil list name it’s time to get out your adhesive labels and start writing. Label everything that could be important with their names. Label desk drawers so they can see where things are kept and ensure you have round labels to label coat and bag pegs so when everyone arrives they’ll see their name and feel a little more comfortable.


Daily Use Decoration

You should have a dedicated area in your classroom for daily use items. It should include all the items you’ll use on a daily basis which also double up as teaching tools such as the calendar, the alphabet and the numbers one to ten. You can also have a weather chart and change the symbol on display as the seasons change. All these daily use tools will help the children learn and they may not even notice it!


Visual Register

This isn’t something you can set up right away but perhaps it can be one of the first tasks you do with your new class. Get everybody to draw a self-portrait and write down one or two facts about themselves. You can display all the portraits and information on the wall so everyone can get to know each other a little better.


Star of the Week and Special Jobs

You should set aside another area of the classroom to dedicate to children who doing extra special things each week. You could have a star of the week, the most helpful pupil and other little rewards to keep them motivated. This is also a great place to keep your classroom reward charts and don’t forget those adhesive labels again for marking when a child earns a team point or moves up on the chart.


Pupils’ Work

There’s nothing more important than space to display your pupils’ hard work. At least one display board in your classroom should be completely dedicated to the project and class work the children do throughout the year. This is probably the board you update most regularly as you and the class change topics and you show off the most relevant work. It also helps the children develop a sense of pride in their achievements.

A creative classroom environment inspires and excites pupils and gives them more incentive to learn and makes your classroom much more enjoyable to be in. Try out some of these ideas and your class are bound to enjoy the next school year.