Biodegradable Compostable Labels

Cane Fibre Biodegradable Paper

A matt white uncoated Woodfree printing paper composed of 95% of sugar cane fibres and 5% of hemp and linen. Specifically designed for wine labelling where the complete packaging should be biodegradable.


Natural Bois Biodegradable Paper

A natural uncoated Brown Laid Kraft, printing paper composed of PEFC pulp. Suitable for sustainable labelling of premium goods due to its natural image. Printable by most conventional printing methods.



Each of these materials uses S9500, an acrylic based biodegradable adhesive with good initial tack and adhesion on a wide variety of substrates.



They comply with the European food regulation 1935/2004/EC for direct food contact with dry, non-fatty foodstuff.

Complies with DIN EN 13432 biodegradability and composability regulation and are OK Compost certified.


Rectangle Labels:

Round Labels: