A Step by Step Guide towards a Tidy Office Space

If you work from home or study then chances are you have a designated office space in your home. Some of us may be lucky enough to have a whole room but sometimes it’s just a desk in a corner. To work productively and achieve the results we desire, we need a clean and tidy office space. Keeping your office space tidy generates better quality work and gives you less to be distracted by. Below is a quick guide to getting your office space into good order.


Start with the Mess

If your office space isn’t currently in the best condition then start with the biggest, messiest area. If you have a massive pile of papers, books and who knows what else lying there, attack it methodically. Search through the pile and organize it firstly into keep, file and recycle piles. Once you’ve recycled all the junk then you can start labelling up the rest of your stuff. Whether you’ve got a filing cabinet or not it makes sense to store documents relating to different sectors of work, home life and study in different document wallets.


Label Sensibly

Now you’ve got your document wallets out it’s time to get serious. If you’re studying sort your papers into separate piles for different modules and use adhesive labels to differentiate between the different piles. Put each pile into a folder of its own and now it’s labelled you’ll easily be able to access it when you need it without having to rifle through a mountain of confused papers and junk.


Keep Regular Files Close

If you regularly work with certain documents then it makes sense to keep them at the top of your organized pile of folders or at the front of your filing cabinet. Items you use daily should be kept on your desk. This means any files that you use every day can be kept on your desk with your pens, calendar and everyday items.


Store Supplies Separately

Other items such as your printer cartridges, paper and even your remaining adhesive labels should be store neatly away from your desk so they’re not getting in the way. There’s a tendency to stuff the drawers of our desks with things we might need once a month but this really isn’t necessary. Put them away in a cupboard where you can access them when you need them but they aren’t consistently in your way or being moved about.


Separate Business and Home Life

Your personal and home life paperwork should be kept out of reach, at the back of the filing cabinet whilst you’re working or studying. The last thing you need is to be bogged down in bills when you’re supposed to be finishing an essay or fulfilling a customer order. Ensure your personal documents are filed away and labelled and then forget about them during work time.

A tidy office space will guarantee a better working environment and a more efficient work output. Utilizing these tips you should feel much better about your office space and be better equipped to utilize it more effectively.